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Five Rivers..  The land here contains sedimentary rocks of the North American platform, Late Proterozoic [1 billion] to Paleozoic [500 million] in age. Homo sapiens appeared 0.5 mya [million years ago]. Deposited in shallow subtropical seas during Devonian time [430 mya], on the stable North American craton.

My entrance is the scar of your Time.

Dispersion   Dispelling Illusions   hexagram 59 a gentle change can be used to soften any defense mechanism. Once a crack appears the influence strengthens by slipping through the crack and working from within. This form of release is far more subtle and long term than 37/40 and is associated with the obscuration of 55 where the abundance of the harvest can obscure things. It involves the concept of trust and penetrating defenses leading to the ability to clear things away - to dispel illusions. Contextually we combine articulation/standards (60) with establishing uniformity (07) to dispel illusions. hexagram 59 is the general form of hexagram 34 where the particular emphasis on motivation acts to dispel, to make things 'clear  "HUAN : scatter clouds or crowds; break up obstacles; dispel illusions, fears and suspicions; clear up misunderstandings; dissolve, evaporate, disintegrate, fade, vanish; fog lifting or clearing away."ERANOS p622

Contents: When you order, you will receive the print, hand signed and numbered by the artist; a certificate of authenticity and the printed documentation found on this site [the codex along with a bonus print suitable for framing, which pertains to the making of this artwork]. Prints are guaranteed, please follow recommended mounting instructions. Money back guarantee if not satisfied. The artist represents that this edition is limited to 350 and only available in 1 size, 24" x 30". The digital file will remain in control of the printmaker, by way of the artist or gallery for the exclusive use by the artist, gallery and/or the print-maker to replace damaged artwork, thereby guaranteeing the purchaser of his/her investment. No further reproduced giclee prints of the original will be made at any size, or by any other reproduction method to the general public, or other organization [the only exception to this is a limited edition book of the prints. No individual prints will be issued]. The buyer of this artwork is guaranteed that the artist and or gallery representative will adhere to these standards and that the printmaker will act in accordance to the artist or artist's representative’s direction in providing these limited edition prints. Mating and framing is not included. Specify only 100% cotton rag mats and archival mounting methods to ensure the integrity of the print when framing.

Paper: 100% cotton acid-free archival fine art paper for all giclee prints.

  data sheet   
print no: 100_0659
artist:      Steven Cosimano
title:       Dispersion
paper size: 24 x 30 in.
image size: 16 x 24 in.
edition size: 350 s/n [signed and numbered]
wholesale price: $192.00
 no gallery commission
 available to you from the artist direct!
time:       October 12 2004
space:      Five Rivers / Vlomankill
grid: 200' x 200'
printer the artist / Indian Ledge Prints
remarks: I would highly recommend you review
the list of references from which the
  I Ching commentary is paraphrased.

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